EIMO enables YOU to take a complete set of vital signs anywhere anytime

Eimo is a certified Class IIa medical device, the size of a glasses case, specifically designed for anyone to use anywhere anytime to take a complete set of vital signs.

These are temperature, SPO2, pulse, a heart rate and rhythm, (a 2 lead ECG) and a mathematical estimation of blood pressure.

The readings are blue toothed to any suitable mobile device platform, i.e. Android, Apple IOS or Windows for displaying, storing and forwarding. The displays are clear and uncomplicated.

You can highlight any of the historical readings and press SHOW, all the readings taken at that time will be displayed, just like the Doctor ordered.


This is how a history file is displayed with a description for each line of the graph represented with a symbol.

An advanced software option enables you to forward these readings to your support website if you wish. These readings can form the basis of your soon to be announced PoR or person-owned repository.

All the required firmware is embedded in Eimo. When you log in to download your chosen platform app, an electronic user manual is included.

We have a few more announcements for example we are going to include respiration counting, and by doing so, Eimo will automate Ward round observations for the NHS. Which could save the NHS £304,000 PER DAY in man hours. This is a software release and your Eimo will be upgradeable.

We will shortly be running trials in Care Homes, so that the Care workers can take your loved one’s readings twice a day, to give you additional peace of mind.