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Eimo is not a gadget, it is a ce marked Class IIa Medical Device. This means we can legitimately release the device to customers today but we won’t do that just yet.

Because of Eimo’s multi-functional capability It has taken almost 5 years to put Eimo through the rigorous testing required to achieve medical certification, but we would like to put Eimo to another test. iMonSys are going the extra mile to collect sufficient independent data to apply for NICE accreditation.

Eimo has 4 specific applications we are addressing.


  1. Care Homes. Take the patients vital signs and forward them to support services if you have any health queries.
  2. GP’s or Clinical Assistants. See all your patient’s vital signs simultaneously during a normal consultation. A quick check.
  3. Hospital Wards. Reduce by 50% the time it takes to complete a set of patient observations.
  4. Long Term Condition Home monitoring. Take your own observations daily and forward them to your specific support services.

If you are UK based and interested in working with iMonSys by using Eimo to gather (anonymised) patient data, in any of the above scenarios, we would like to hear from you.


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