About Us

iMonSys was founded in 2008, and stands for Independent Monitoring Systems. iMonSys believe that regular vital signs and lifestyle monitoring delivers early intervention and better patient out comes


iMonSys Ltd are a Research and Development Company, specialising in Life science. We think that the technology used to support our elderly and infirm was a disgrace, the best that the existing established suppliers could come up with, was a new Home Hub and a revamped health website.

We started with the most important stakeholders ‘The end users’. We questioned older adults who wish to remain independent. We discussed the requirements of people with long term conditions and how we could minimise hospital visits. We asked General Practitioners, Nurses, Surgeons, Paramedics and Care Assistants how we could help to make their life easier, whilst delivering better care for their charges.  Then we shared our vision of how self-support could be effectively delivered by the latest technological advances.


PoRs person-owned repository (of health documents )

These were our design parameters.

  • Multi-functional. Why have 3 or 4 different devices?
  • Usable by everyone. Design to suit the lowest common denominator.
  • Don’t lock people in their homes to be near a hub or phone. Phones are pocket sized and voice responsive these days.
  • Non-proprietary. Devices must work with any modern mobile platform.



iMonSys has now enabled the NHS, Social services, Councils, and Carers to design pressure relieving services.

And about time too.